What we do We design IoT ecosystems based on energy, sustainability and data

We design IoT solutions for all types of companies to digitize their infrastructures, optimize their energy performance and improve operational efficiency.

Our projects are based on an end-to-end model that centralizes all the phases of an IoT project in a single provider: automation, connection, data operation in the cloud and consulting services.

Solutions by activity

This is how we work with clients and collaborators

We develop projects all over the world

We work side by side with clients and collaborators to deploy IoT control and management solutions on five continents. Our headquarters are in A Coruña, but we move technical teams wherever each project needs us.

We cover all phases of a project

We have a large ecosystem of collaborators

Contact us if you want to know how we work with our collaborators or if you are interested in being part of our partner ecosystem

Methodology based on common sense

We act with our common sense

If it’s not going to work, we’ll tell you. We study the projects in detail and carry out solutions in which we believe.

We question everything

We take nothing for granted and look for ways to improve each project.

We take care of people

We take care of the good atmosphere and internal communication so that everything runs smoothly.

We contribute to sustainable development with our products and services

We use technologies such as IoT, cloud computing, big data or blockchain to solve problems and contribute to the decarbonization and sustainability plans of our clients.