Green project: Co2 emissions certificated in blockchain

EcoMT together with GodEnigma (spin-off of EcoMT), has started to develop for GreenB2e, developer and founder of this project and in collaboration with the Bankia research department, a platform to store and store the energy generated by photovoltaic installations. This energy implies a reduction of CO2 emissions to the atmosphere that will become digital chips, with the possibility of being placed in primary or secondary markets for the exchange of CO2 emissions certificates.

The objective of the project is to facilitate access to farms, renewable energies and reduce the costs of generating facilities, converting the energy generated into an asset that also allows the use of them.

The certificate and the conversion of the savings into digital cards was carried out thanks to the technology developed by the Bankia R & D department. A tool called Stockmind, which deploys an API to create and issue tokens over Ethereum networks.

The project will also be developed, under the OTEA platform, which allows the control and monitoring of renewable energy installations. GodEnigma will be in charge of developing the gateway and the software to manage the consumption and savings that I got to the photovoltaic installations and connect them with Stockmind (developed by Bankia), a tool that works on a wording in Ethereum to create and issue the tokens.