New Blockchain and IoT event. Microsoft and GodEnigma

With the help of Microsoft and with GodEnigma (, the spin-off of EcoMt, focused on developing technology and solutions for FinTech, we organized an event in Madrid, at the Microsoft facilities and together with the Microsoft Blockchain team. which shows some of the latest projects in which we are working with these technologies.

From EcoMT, we have been working in several technologies in recent years, such as BigData and Machine Learning thanks to our mathematicians and the courses and projects carried out with CESGA and ITMATI. Since last year, we have also included blockchain technology and seeing the potential and growth capacity of this technology, we decided to create an independent team in the form of a split. Currently this team has 4 developers, including a mathematician with the ability to develop distributed applications and deployed distributed networks with Blockchain technology. A product has been developed for end-of-life technology, IoT technology and the chain of blocks for the certification of the data that is captured.

With this event, we want to give visibility to our clients, to the projects that are at their disposal, to our service, to the attention, to the attention of the public. Doors that open us to companies for future business models.

We will have

  • Javier Gómez, principal technology evangelist, Microsoft.
  • Rosa María Seoane, manager of communications and intelligent things of Abanca
  • Ramón Carrera by Naust Marina Spain
  • Elena Gonzalez of ANESE
  • Carlos Botana, Sustainability Director of the Port Authority of Vigo.
  • Miguel Pelegero, Director of Business Development at Greenb2e
  • Pedro Pérez, CEO of Instra engineers

We leave you the PDF with all the information of the event.

Evento IoT Blockchain_Microsoft GodEnigma_9Abril Madrid