IBM Madrid Think event

IBM Madrid Think event

Last Tuesday, November 13, GodEnigma was present, as an IBM technology partner, at the event organized in Madrid “IBM Think Madrid”.

Our CEO, Pedro Pérez de Gabriel, attended the event to learn first-hand what’s new and what’s coming in terms of PaaS (platforms as a service), A.I. (Artificial intelligence) or process digitalization, all fields in which EcoMT has extensive capabilities with GodEnigma (an EcoMT’s spinoff focus in FinTech and blockchain)

The companies that attended the event, including Orange, Everis have in common a clear technological vocation or the adoption of new technologies to improve their business models, their capabilities or increase the efficiency of their internal processes

The event featured first-class speakers such as Marta Martínez, President of IBM for Spain, Portugal, Greece and Israel, Bridget van Kralingen, Senior Vice President, Global Industries, Platforms and Blockchain, IBM or John Cohn of MIT-IBM Watson AI Lab.

Topics discussed were the impact that artificial intelligence will have on companies in the coming years, how there will be more and more tendency to use external platforms as services and pay for the use of them and not for the software package in mode discharge. The data, increasingly charge a leading role on which all technologies are born and evolve. Artificial intelligence and machine learning are some of them, but also blockChain, which comes to be used to certify data and trace processes and data.

So to everything, for the part of blockchain, begins to see timid business initiatives to carry out real projects, but maintaining caution due to the absence of legal or regulatory frameworks that give tranquility to companies that want to implement platforms and production applications based on said technology.

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