EcoMT on Digital transformation

On October 22, EcoMT has participated as an Euskaltel partner on a lecture entitled “IoT Experiences, energy and actives management”, as part of the professional day of activities and debate tables on Digital Transformation.

The event was held in Bilbao, at the Euskalduna Palace, on October 22, 2018.

On the part of EcoMT, we show some examples of sensorization and digitalization that we have taken to our clients with the objective of obtaining more and better information about the processes that have been implemented to improve and/or reduce consumption and energy costs, which, today in day, they are in most cases the bulk of the costs of manufacturing an industrial product.

EcoMT, IoT en Bilbao con Euskaltel

Our CEO, Pedro Pérez Gabriel (3rd from the left), along with Ignacio Urigüen Echeverría de Dominio, Alberto Díaz Freire, Adolfo Rey, General Manager of FVEM, on a debate group discussing digital transformation in companies.

Along with us, other companies such as Dominio, Fundación BBK, NEXTEL and FVEM, which seek to show through the different cases, the digitalization of processes, systems or services in various environments and sectors.

For ecoMT, digitalization is not only a value and a service to offer to companies, but it is something that we implement internally. We have developed applications for internal use, for project management and planning and compliance with deadlines.

With these events, EcoMT seeks to disseminate its capabilities, experiences, and knowledge, to help other companies eliminate the uncertainty regarding the technologies, methodologies and tools that are already being applied in different sectors and companies. All this with the hope that little by little more and more companies decide to digitize processes, carry out traditional products or services to digital platforms and even generate new products and services thanks to them.

We would like to thank Euskaltel for counting on EcoMT to participate as an IoT expert and monitoring and control tools to favor the digitalization of systems and processes in companies.

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