GreenB2e wins Alastria OpenCall in Valencia

GreenB2e, a company with which from EcoMT and GodEnigma, we work on renewable energy projects and energy certification in blockchain, has been awarded the prize for the best project of the OpenCall Alastria in Valencia.

The project is based on the management of renewable energies in the port of Valencia, it is transformed into the digital symbol, for which the Alastria network can be used, it is based on the quorum and the constellation (Ethereum variants).

The Greenb2e candidacy was presented in Valencia on November 19, by Verónica Rodriguez Ballesteros, Miguel Pelegero Calatayud and the rest of the GreenB2e team.

On the part of EcoMT and Godenigma, we hope that the project is carried out and that we can contribute in the technical and technological part of it, especially in relation to the IoT technologies, on which EcoMT is a specialist and has software and hardware solutions to monitor and control any type of machinery, energy source and/or process and, in Blockchain, technology that the GodEgnigma team has been working for the past year and a half and has more than 4 active projects, one of them with GreenB2e itself and Bankia.

Good luck to GreenB2e with the project!