EcoMT rating: High growth and high efficiency

The Ardán 2017 report from the Free Trade Zone of Vigo, which analyzes more than 18,000 Galician companies, places EcoMT within its indicators of Good Business Practices: Gacela 2017 and High Performance 2017.

The high-performance companies in the Ardan classification are those that achieve an average economic return of 25%, in a minimum period of 3 years and more than 15% in each of the years.

This is an indicator of the growth of EcoMT, as well as its viability and profitability, as a result of the continued commitment to new technologies and services based on providing high added value to its customers.

They always ask us, “How much do you save your customers?” and our response is always the same: “We do not know with certainty, but at least, what we invoice, because we work to reduce costs and improve the efficiency of our customers, and if they work with us, it is because the return on investment compensates ”

Another indicator is the one that denominates EcoMT as Gacela company, which means that it has more than three consecutive years having a high income and growth rate, above 25%.

What is the secret? EcoMT has been diversifying and penetrating new sectors and markets, adapting its products and services to the needs of each one, allowing large business figures and growth when large customers decide to move from a pilot to the implementation of a product or service throughout the company.