MATELEC 2018 – blockchain on energy savings with ANESE

Through ANESE (Association of energy services companies) and in collaboration with GodEnigma (, EcoMT will be present at the MATELEC (International Exhibition for Industry and Electronics), giving a presentation on blockchain.

At present, data technology or distributed records (DLT of Distributed Ledger Technology) is breaking into the business world, through different tools and platforms, and little by little we will use this technology and its advantages in cases of use or business environments.

There is nothing in the business context with digital currencies such as bitcoin or ethereum, which is not about companies in this environment, but also about the main technology of cryptocurrencies, in business, industrial or business applications. That they contribute value and that they take place.

GodEnigma, partner and regular collaborator of EcoMT, with the purpose of showing the vision of how the distributed ledger technology can help energy services companies, to certify the data of the actions carried out by the same companies to reduce the Energy consumption of its customers as well as to certify consumption savings.


The place of the talk will be at the Tech Forum, pavilion 7 of IFEMA on November 13, in Madrid.

We hope to contribute with these events to reduce uncertainty about the distributed ledger and blockchain technology, which today generate great expectations but it is still difficult to see real projects for business and industrial environments in operation, based on it.