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About us


OTEA is a self-developed Ecomanagement Technology, EcoMT, information technology and communication (ITC) company, belonging to a group of companies with over 20 years experience in engineering, air conditioning, construction and maintenance of facilities. This knowledge has been incorporated into the energey efficiency platform OTEA by the participation in the design of experts in maintenance, engineering and energy efficiency.

We are a company focused on customer satisfaction at all times and provide services that will provide high added value. Being a self-development, we can adapt OTEA to the specific needs of each client.

Anxo Feijóo

Automation engineer

Technical management

Víctor Álvarez

Automation engineer


Eugenio Ares

Computer Engineer

Systems architecture

Ramón Ares

Industrial refrigeration technician

Technical service

Miguel Díaz-Pache

Computer Engineer

Software development

Diego Bellón

Industrial engineer

Logistics and purchase

Carlos Corbillón

Automation engineer


Carlos Vázquez

Automation engineer

Energy Efficiency

(Certified Measurement & Verification Professional, CMVP) according to the protocol (IPMVP) International Performance Measurement & Verification Protocol, Patent of EVO and international leader in Measurement and Verification standards (M & V) of energy efficiency.


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