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Building automation (building automation) is an increasingly present reality in facility design. This requires the use of the latest technology. ECOMT's vision is to provide the facility users and installers the technology as simple as possible. The OTEA monitoring and control tools allow its adaptation in new and existing facilities, which are monitored with low cost solutions such as the reading of communicable counters or the installation of compatible network analysers which are inexpensive and are widely available on the market.

Through technology it is possible to have the knowledge at all times of the status of the most important parameters of the system, temperature, speed, flow, humidity, acting as a simplified SCADA as well as a powerful tool for energy monitoring and optimization.

In this sense, technology is moving towards the users of the facilities for them to have a broader knowledge of them for decision making, and at that moment the OTEA tool will provide a powerful mapping tool package to evaluate through dashboards how to optimize the facilities.

In the future all buildings will be smart buildings and they will report in real time their energy and maintenance needs. They will work interconnected together to form smart cities and within a power supply network which will be a smart grid . ECOMT works everyday with the technology to make this possible providing solutions for the future to be within the reach of all of their customers.
If you suspect that you can adjust the energy cost by simply adjusting the parameters of the utility bill you're probably right. In the last decade the rates of most countries have been significantly increased by different factors, in cases such as the European markets the high dependency on imports on primary energy matters impacts, among other things, on the rise in prices.

By studying the utility bills you can determine if the contracted power is sufficient or excessive, if you are having penalties due to excess reactive power or if the type of rate is the most suitable for the use to be given to the particular facility.

After adjusting the parameters and optimizing the rate there is the option to change the way in which energy is contracted, by searching similar energy demand profiles you can organize a joint purchase of energy so that a small industrial customer is grouped in cluster for the purchase of energy. ECOMT signs specific agreements with customers to manage the purchase of energy through trading companies or seeks the best market offer. ECOMT does not sell energy and therefore will always have the utmost interest in their customers to spend the least money possible in it.

The objective of implementing energy monitoring tools like OTEA should be no other than the reduction of maintenance and energy costs. For this to become true it is vital to make the design with this idea as a premise, "the savings exceeds the cost of the technology to be implemented." The above premise requires that before beginning a monitoring action we should assess whether there is a potential saving. In 78% of the buildings in which there has been a monitoring by OTEA potential savings have been detected.

Once a facility has a potential saving the approach is to develop a strategy for optimizing the energy consumption of the facility. ECOMT makes energy efficiency plans tailored to customers with the information available and provides an alarm service to fulfill those plans.

Developing an improvement strategy could lead to recommendations that would require economic investment such as the change in machinery, insulation improvement, energy recovery systems installation, etc. Our vision is that in order to have the improvment strategy complete a report of the cost calculation and the ROI must be presented for the figures to match before making any decision. For this the company has a team of experts in facility engineering capable of doing a simulation in a building using several techniques including 3D modeling.
As technology advances solutions for control measure by manufacturers become popular. Sometimes decisions about what technology to use get complicated because the requirements and specifications are not clear. ECOMT provides its clients a counseling service and rationalization of the measurement and control facilities because what this is about is the less parameters to measure the better and to obtain with them the maximum number of possible conclusions making progress in the formula that the savings would be better than the cost of the technology to be implemented.

Installed network analyzers, meters and probes that do not meet the function of providing the maximum amount of information about the system and allow future decision making for optimizing it are entirely avoidable equipment on the installation and for that reason we prefer to reuse existing technology instead of replacing it with new technology measuring with already installed equipment such as communicable company counters instead of mounting additional equipment etc.

In addition the OTEA software is compatible with most manufacturers and existing protocols on the market so ECOMT does not promote closed solutions of any manufacturer.

The energy efficiency measures must be justified from an economic point of view , as it has been already mentioned we work with the philosophy that the savings must exceed the cost of the technology to implement therefore it is necessary that the company that implements an energy efficiency measure determines retrospectively whether such measure met expectations. For such purpose there are market standards for conducting Measuring and Verification plans. The best known standard is the IPMVP standard (internation performance measurement and verification protocol) of the EVO (Efficiency Valuation Organization) and ECOMT has professionals trained in CMVP (certified measurement and verification professional). The purpose of performing a measurement and verification plan is to know the true impact of an energy efficiency measure isolating it from other factors of the environment such as increases and decreases in the outside temperature, changes in the operating conditions of the facility for reasons like the increase or decrease in working hours or even isolating the savings obtained from a particular measure when it has been applied a combination of them.

The assessment of the savings can be used to justify a budget dedicated to energy efficiency measures as well as to justify funding requests to traditional banking or even to fund projects through a model of energy service company.
The software as a service allows mid-sized companies and small ones to have access to complex tools that were designed for users with high complexity requirements. The OTEA software was conceived as a multi-point tool for clients with commercial networks of over 5000 facilities but thanks to the SaaS model it is available at limited cost to all types of customers since the software solution service is rented at an affordable monthly price.

With this model we eliminate the need to pay licensing by the customer and guarantee the 24/7 availability of the solution with a high level of service and with the maintenance included in the service fee. In addition the client will not be surprised by hidden costs such as backups, server maintenance, etc.

ECOMT helps out companies with the task of informing their employees of the decisions made on the improvement strategies for the reduction of energy consumption through training and awareness. It is important to explain very well the measures that are taken so that they can be carried out and therefore this service is part of the policies to reduce energy costs. For that purpose it is explained in the courses the objectives and the means through which it is intended to conduct a reduction in consumption.


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